"...converted our position in two months from a "late-comer" to an owner of a significant leasehold position that will give us ... opportunity..."
Union Pacific Resources
Jim Burgin & Associates, LLC has the human resources available to provide a complete, confidential, and professional land service for our clients. All of our employees and Independent Contractors own their own computers and are proficient in MS Word, MS Excel, MS Access, Greenbrier Graphics, LLC, and Arc-View GIS Mapping Service. These Computer assisted functions result in greater productivity at reduced costs, making the system an interactive part of Jim Burgin's management and overall service to clients. In meeting the need to reduce paper work, Jim Burgin & Associates, LLC is EDI (electronic data invoicing) capable and has developed a database that interfaces with accounting for tracking expenses of all work performed.
Oil, Gas and Mineral Lease Take-Off Status Report
Numbered and Color Coded computer generated map showing:

1. Un-leased tracts of land Lessor

  1. Address if available
  2. Telephone Number if available
  3. Gross Acres
  4. Net acres at request of client

2. Leased Tracts of land showing:

  1. Lessor
  2. Lessee
  3. Number of gross acres
  4. Recording information
  5. Royalty
  6. Term
  7. Rentals
  8. Expiration date
  9. Depth Restrictions
  10. Other Special Provisions

3. Acreage Held By Production

  1. Name of unit
  2. Recording information
  3. Operator
  4. Depths designated
Oil, Gas, and Mineral Lease Acquisition Status Report:
  1. Lessor
  2. Lessee
  3. Gross Acres
  4. Net Acres
  5. Bonus paid per net mineral
  6. Delay rentals if applicable
  7. Term
  8. Expiration date
  9. Recording information
  10. Option to extend if applicable
  11. Extension consideration
  12. Depth restrictions if applicable
  13. Special Lease Provisions
  14. Gross and Net Acres in Prospect
  15. Total Gross and Net Acres signed
  16. Total Bonus Spent and committed
  17. Total of unleased acreage
  18. Total acreage within prospect that is leased to competitor or HBP

Lease Packets:

  1. Original Lease
  2. Original paid draft if taken in Jim Burgin & Associates, LLC's name
  3. Copy of draft if taken in Client's name
  4. Copy of executed lease if requested
  5. Lease Purchase Report
  6. Colored Plat of Leased Acreage
  7. Acquisition Deed
  8. Tract Mineral Profile
  9. Cursory Title
Seismic Options We have optioned and/or permitted thousands of acreage for the conventional 2D and 3D seismic shoot. We own licenses to Permit Assistant Database (PAD). PAD is a Microsoft Access database program that generates permits, options, IRS 1099 forms, checks and all other pertinent information. We take pride in providing the best service in the most economical manner.
Abstracting Land, Mineral & Royalty Title We have prepared thousands of Title Runsheets from sovereignty to present. We established a very good working relationship with the Oil and Gas Attorneys. With the client's permission and the attorney's permission, we obtain obvious title curative and submit the curative with their runsheets (i.e. Subordination Agreements, Ratifications from Non-Participating Royalty Owners, Release of Liens, Affidavits of Use and Possession and Non-Production). This reduces the number of title requirements; therefore, the title cost is also reduced.
Due Diligence We have the human resources available to provide highly specialized and organized teams to perform comprehensive and detailed due diligence related to both property acquisition and divestiture. We have many years of experience in assisting companies (ranging in size from majors to smaller independents) in both the acquisition and divestiture of core and non-core assets

Our due diligence teams are an extremely diverse group possessing many years of in-house experience on their resumes. Typically, we strive to uncover purchase price adjustments favorable to our clients in a particular acquisition by the thorough review of the perspective company´┐Żs records. Our research provides information relating to all phases potentially affecting the value (and subsequent final adjusted purchase price) of the properties in question, including, but not limited to:

  1. Verification of Represented Interests
  2. Joint Interest Billing Review & Analysis
  3. Revenue Division of Interest Review & Analysis
  4. Contractual Review & Analysis
  5. Identification of Other Material Title Defects

In addition, Jim Burgin & Associates has the resources available to conduct thorough title searches and lien checks related to such properties on a field-wide basis, in order to verify information and obtain those items necessary to complete the due diligence process. We also have the resources and expertise to perform other functions related to any acquisition or divestiture, such as assisting in the preparation of lists of title defects and responses to title defects, and in the preparation of assignments and exhibits. Finally, at the end of the due diligence process, we will submit a comprehensive and detailed summary of the subject divestiture or acquisition.

Right-of-Way and Surface Acquisition We have thirty (30) years of experience in coordinating a professional, diplomatic approach to right-of-way acquisition.  Our portion of the projects were to handle all land issues including, but not limited to the following:
  1. Title
  2. Negotiations
  3. Acquisition
  4. Permits
  5. Eminent Domain Proceedings
  6. Appraisals
  7. Surface Damages
  8. Title Curative Documents
  9. Expert Witnesses Testimony
  10. Computerized Project Records
  11. Property and Project Management
  12. Due Diligence for Acquisition and Divestiture

All of our Agents hold Texas Real Estate License or registered with the Texas Real Estate Commission as Easement or Right-Of-Way Agents.

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