"(I) wanted to thank you for your professionalism and help.  I could not accomplish my tasks without Jim Burgin & Associates."
Union Pacific Resources



"This team's effort has converted our position in two months from a "late-comer" to an owner of a significant leasehold position that will give us an opportunity..." - M. Searcy, C. Mulvaney, B. Groom - Union Pacific Resources

"The efficient and professional manner in which you performed is commendable.  We look forward to working with you again..." J. Joerns - City of La Porte

"The performance, punctuality, and professionalism that ... Mr. Jim Burgin ... exhibited has been exemplary, and given us faith that there are some good men in the leasing end of the oil business." W. Rightmer, R.Rightmer - Rightmer Real Estate

"(I) wanted to thank you for your professionalism and help. I could not accomplish my tasks without Jim Burgin & Associates."  B. Ratliff - Union Pacific Resources

"The purpose of this letter is to say "thanks" to you and your Associates for the work performed under my supervision ...  In specific, I cannot say enough about the dedication and hard work performed."  Tim Welch - Belco

"I had a long talk with Chris Lipari tonight discussing the hurricane and mutual friends we have in Louisiana tonight. After that, I asked if you were still doing work for him and he was very complementary on you. He said he had never had anyone work for him that had the work ethics you have and the product you turned out. I then realized, and told him, that I had the same work ethics and had received them from you. You probably don't realize, but you took a chance on a 19 year old kid when I started with you at Bledsoe. I now have 24 years in the profession and run the "leasing" crew here along with assisting the crew chief with 30 brokers.  This is contributed to you and your "riding" when necessary. I see new comers in this business and wish they could have gone through the lower day rates, slumps and the negative part of the business I went through. However, times are great and when the slumps come, the cream will rise to the top. I am glad I hooked you and Chris up and knew that you would provide an excellent product. Thank you for giving me a chance in the business and making we what I am today." Will Chesnut


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